Meet the New Boys in Blue - Alex Jauregui

Alex Jauregui comes to Middle Tennessee by way Peachtree Ridge HS out of Suwanee GA. The 6'7" OT tips the scales at over 300 pounds. His work ethic, as well as his performance on the field, got him looks from several powerhouse programs like Auburn, Illinois, Georgia, Florida State and North Carolina State. His toughness is a what stands out the most, though. Jauregui broke his hand in the first game of his senior season, but continued to play through the pain and discomfort - something the Blue Raider coaching staff took note of. In the end, he chose the Blue Raiders over offers from Illinois and Marshall. was able to catch up with Jauregui in our latest segment of "Meet the New Boys in Blue."
Q: Why did you choose Middle Tennessee?
A: A great offensive line coach, possibility of playing early and a great campus.
Q: Who was your main recruiter during your recruitment? What did you like about them?
A: Coach Faulkner - he's a little bit younger so it's just easier to talk with him.
Q: What do you plan on majoring in at MT?
A: Not sure yet.
Q: If you weren't playing football, what sport would you play?
A: Baseball - played it my whole life.
Q: What is the most important position on the field in your opinion?
A: Both sides of the line.
Q: What is the hardest hit you have given or taken?
A: The hardest hit given was a double pancake. Hardest hit taken - my buddy blindsided me on a screen.
Q: What kind of coaching style do you enjoy more - a player's coach, or a disciplinary coach?
A: Player's coach.
Q: What gets on your nerves the most when you play?
A: People that do something weird or odd during a game.
Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: The Hangover movies.
Q: What song/music do you listen to before a game?
A: Any rap or hip-hop.
Q: Xbox or PS3?
A: Xbox.
Q: Madden or NCAA?
Q: If you could go out to dinner with any athlete in the world - who would it be and why? What would you ask them?
A: Tiger Woods - I'd ask him about everything!